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Exploring athmar, local Food in Tinos? 

Add Athmar Tinos to your visiting list in Pyrgos Village before trying anything else! 

Pyrgos Village, being the absolute landmark of the Island, is one of the most picturesque villages in the Cyclades. 

Walking through the narrow streets, you can feel the dominant presence of marble and breath the air of sculpture. 

Pyrgos Square, featuring an old plane tree and its traditional marble fountain, is exceptionally unique in the sense of allowing you to take a trip back in time and dive into another era that you thought to exist only in a film-making setting. 

Athmar, ideally located at the top of the Pyrgos square, offering a unique view of the plane tree, is a place that you must definately visit when in the search of local gastronomy and culture.

Athmar Pyrgos
Feel like A Local!

Athmar and local food in Tinos?
Get Ready for A Variety of Local products!

Athmar proudly stands by local producers and offers you the authentic taste of Tinos local products featuring (among others) the Tinos Old Gruyere, the Soft White Cheese, Louza (slices of the local cured meat), the original Tinos Sausage, the Artichoke, 2 different varieties of Raki (local spirit) as well as the famous wines of Tinos. 

As new products come out of our producer’s list every year, so does our menu!


Do you want a taste of Tinos?


Visit Athmar, your guide the local Tinos food


A plate to cheer you up in a gloomy day!

Lechmajun (Tinos Version)

Strongly recommended for Greek food lovers! Check Our Rank On Tripadvisor!

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With An Emphasis On Fine Ingridients, Local Products And Ispiration From Tinian Tradition, Suggests Flavor That Will be Unforgettable!

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The Philosophy Of Athmar Tinos Is the Combination of Traditional And Modern, Utilizing Local Products And Adapting Them To Today.

Tinos Secret

In Pyrgos, Athmar Tinos, Offers The Most Delicious Thing The Island Has To Offer, In A Modern Version

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Local Food in Tinos Is Amazing!

Keeping in line with the traditional Greek cuisine, everyday we are strive to give life to our ideas and add our very own touch allowing our list of dishes and cocktails to flourish. 

Feel Like Local! Athmar Tinos!

Do you Want to feel like a local? 

Take our advise and go for the SMILE! It’s our smile (and our mouthwatering cocktails) that welcomes you to Tinos and shows how Greek hospitality is meant to be like.

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